What do you do in a Tribe Barre class?

Class begins with a warmup followed by upper body exercises to tighten the arms and shoulders using light weights, plank, and pushup variations. The class moves to the ballet barre for thigh work, and seat and hamstring work with deep, releasing stretch segments that complement each intense section. The abdominals are worked throughout the entire class while focusing on your breath.  We focus on the abs in the last section of class.  Finishing with one more seat work and a final stretch.


Take Tribe Barre classes 3 to 5 times per week and you will see visible results in your body in 6 weeks or less!  Including long, lean muscles, flat abs, increased flexibility, and a nice tight derrière.  Results will vary depending on how often you take class and and what you eat.

Do I need to be a certain fitness level or age to do Tribe Barre?

Anyone from any fitness level or age will benefit from taking Tribe Barre classes. The studio atmosphere is always supportive. Everyone can be challenged at their own level without affecting anyone else’s workout.  With every class you take, you will build endurance be able to work deeper in each position.

Why does Tribe use a ballet barre?

The ballet barre helps to align the body properly for thigh and seat work, and it provides added leverage in order to get deeper muscle contractions. The barre is effective in increasing strength and flexibility.

Can I take a Tribe Barre class if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Tribe is a safe and effective workout for pregnant mamas, with a few minor exercise modifications.  We do require a note from your OB/Midwife to continue with exercise after you find out you have a bun in your oven. 

What If I Have Injuries?

Tribe is safe for those who have any injuries.  Please note any injuries on your new client form and speak with your instructor before class so they can give you any modifications.

Why does Tribe Barre focus so much on the core?

The core is the “Powerhouse” of the body. Without a strong core, the other body parts cannot move freely or efficiently. Instead, muscles in the lower back, and other major joints take on additional stress to create movement, which results in common injuries, aches and pains. Every movement in Tribe emphasizes tightening and engaging the abdominal muscles, even if the primary focus is on another muscle group such as the quadriceps or shoulders.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

We have weights, balls, resistance bands, straps and mats.  You just need to bring your socks and a water bottle.  Both are available for purchase if you happen to forget. 


We recommend you wear slim exercise pants that cover your knees and a fitted tank or t-shirt. Sock are required.  We have some awesome socks for sale at the studio that will help your feet from slipping.


At Tribe we do not do refunds on classes or merchandise.