This is where BARRE happens. These are the moments strength builds, muscles shake, and music pumps through the soul. These are the people who make BARRE fun, who love and empower one another. This is my place, my people, my TRIBE!

The Workout

Tribe Barre is a unique, one hour, ballet barre class based off the original work of  Lotte Berk Method.   The system is designed to lean the body, burn fat, and develop the physique of a dancer: long, lean muscles that are strong, yet flexible. Listen to awesome music, breath deeply and work all major muscle groups with our carefully designed strengthening and stretching techniques.

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Our Philosiphy

At Tribe Barre Studio we strive that every person who steps into our studio feels welcome and loved.  Tribe Barre is more than a workout, its a lifestyle.  A tribe of women who inspire, support and empower one another.  As well as providing a workout that gives you the kind of results you've been searching for!

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